Oris Identity History


Oris begins using a visual identity on its company stationery and watches. 

The letters “OWC” stand for Oris Watch Company


The company decides to incorporate the word “Oris” into the visual identity

for the first time, working the manikin into a red and white diamond


The Oris manikin is replaced by an escutcheon featuring a pinion and

words that will come to define the company: “Swiss Made”


By now, Oris is one of the world’s leading movement makers. The visual

identity is adapted to carry a pinion, a wheel and the term “15 jewels”.


In the mid – 20th century, the importance of a “dial name” starts to become

more important, and so Oris focuses its visual identity around its name.


For the first time, the now familiar typeface is adopted for the word “Oris”.

Bold and modern, it will remain in use for more than 40 years.


To reflect the company’s new-found independence, Oris updates

its shield so it has a more technical, contemporary feel.


With Oris enjoying global success, a new visual identity is introduced to

capture the understated modernity of Oris’s watchmaking philosophy

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